The Best Apps For IPad Users

appsTablets are everywhere now. Most households have at least one, if not more. In fact, many households have more tablets than they have people. It’s quite common for kids to get tablets as gifts for their own personal use, so they can play games on them, watch movies, listen to music or just install their social media apps on and update their accounts. There is a huge selection of tablets that consumers can choose from, but the most well known is the Ipad. The IPad was the first tablet that was created, and at first although people lined up for it as many Apple users do for new products, the market wasn’t sure it would take off. It was basically a very large, very expensive cell phone; it seemed redundant and a waste of money to buy an even bigger version of a phone that couldn’t fit into a pocket and couldn’t even make calls. Of course that has changed, and the iPad, and then other companies brand of tablets, have taken off and now become a household item.

So it’s pretty easy to get a tablet in your price range now with all of the options in the market. The iPad is still the most popular, however. With Apple’s App store, it has many different apps that a user can download immediately. Many are free, though some do cost a few dollars. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Facetime comes on every Apple device. You don’t have to go download it from the app store; it will already be installed. Facetime allows you to make video calls to your contacts. It’s the same as Skype, but much more user friendly. All you have to do is click on the plus sign, pick a contact, and hit the call button. The camera then turns on, taking a video of your face, and when the person on the other end picks up they will see you, and their camera will turn on so you can see them. It also has a feature to turn the video off and just put on audio, so you can actually make calls to your contacts from your iPad.

Popkey is a newer app that is only available for apple products. It is a keyboard that you can install on your iPad, but it allows you to send GIFs to people. It is separated into categories so you can find the short video that you like and send it on to your friends. Once you install Popkey it will show up in your regular keyboard; once you are typing you can click the emoji key twice to bring you to the Popkey keyboard.

This is also installed on all Apple devices. This is a way to chat and send messages to any other Apple user in your contacts. It’s basically texting from your iPad and it’s a great way to keep in touch. IMessages are unlike other text messaging apps in that you can see when the message is delivered and read, and see when the person is texting back. It is also only available to other Apple users so it will not work if you send one to someone using an Android device, and it is not available to be installed on an Android device.

Hundreds More Apps Available
These are just a few of the more popular apps that are used on iPads. There are even apps that will help you to spy on cell phone. There are hundreds more available in the app store that can be downloaded and installed on your iPad in just a few short minutes.