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Professional art transportation and storage

Each year, King & Wilson Essential Art Services packs and moves hundreds of works of art, including paintings, works on paper, photographs, installations and sculptures.

With a dedicated team of trained art handlers and industry professionals, as well as specialist equipment and facilities, we are best positioned to meet your art moving needs.

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Best-practice handling and storage

Our processes and procedures have been designed in consultation with leading professional conservators.

This ensures outstanding quality, safety and consistency across our operations.

Specialist teams, custom facilities

Our specialist teams all have backgrounds in art practice or conservation and are extensively trained and experienced in all aspects of moving a wide range of art objects.

When moving art, we utilise a custom moving fleet, specialist equipment and facilties - all of which meet strict art-moving standards.

Trusted by leading galleries & organisations

We are the chosen supplier for many commercial galleries, artists' studios, private collectors, art institutions, museums, art fairs and major international auction houses.

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