The Good, The Bad, The Ugly About Android

androidAndroid and Apple are huge competitors in the consumer electronic market, and most of their customers are huge competitors too. It seems that you either love an iPhone or you hate it, and many consumers either love Apple or hate them. I know many people like this; they refuse to buy Apple products because they love the versatility of their Android devices.

The Camera
Personally I take a lot of photos so the camera was what was very important to me. Depending on which phone you are looking at, you will probably be comparable or even have a better camera than if you use an iPhone. I was able to take much better pictures with my Samsung Galaxy than my friends got with their iPhones. Now, some Android phones do not have a front flash, which can be a problem if you like taking selfies, but that can be fixed by installing Snapchat and using the front facing flash on that camera. If you can fix it with a free app, why pay more for it?

The App Store
The Android app store is huge – mostly because anyone can develop an app and add it to the Android store. This is great and allows a lot of innovation and freedom for people to design their own things, but it also means that there can be risks by using the google play app store. Unlike Windows or the Apple App store, it is not as controlled by the company. So independent developers can design and release apps, and those apps could have a lot of bugs or even malware on them. It’s really important to read the reviews, to look at the permissions needed for apps, and it’s also really important to have a good anti-virus software installed on your Android device in order to protect it in case you do get some type of virus or malware.

This is one of the best things about Android. Every Android device I have owned allows a user to add their own expandable storage. So if your phone is full? You can buy a micro SD card and add 8 gigs of space. If you use all of those 8 gigs, you can go buy a 32 gig card and replace it. This allows a user to have a lot more freedom without spending a ton of extra money. IPhones do not allow this – they do not have expandable storage, and in order to get more storage, you have to pay more for a phone that has more memory. The difference is usually around $100 each step up and it is a huge downfall of Apple products.

If you have ever used Apple headphones that come with an iPhone you understand that they are just not as comfortable as the ones that come with a Samsung phone. Headphones shouldn’t be a deal breaker, however, as you can buy a new pair for pretty cheap. One thing that is nice is that Android devices use standard charging devices. So if you lose your charger, chances are you have another one or at least another cord at home. Apple likes to use their own design, so if you lose that charger, you’re going to have to go buy one if you have no other Apple products in your home.

Is An Android Worth It?
Androids are great phones. They are really easy to use, very customizable and many are either comparable or have better features than iPhones offer. It mostly depends on what you need, and your personal preferences, but you will most likely have more options available to you if you purchase an Android phone.